03 Oct 2022

Back to Screen Island

A site relaunch was long overdue. In fact over the last years we’ve been busy working on customer projects. So the website didn’t get the priority it deserved.

This new site is built with Jekyll, our own version of Tachyons (with support for darkmode) and hosted on GitHub Pages.

When creating a website nowadays there are tons of low- or no-code options available with a plethora prebuilt of themes. As a software company we believe though that the process of creating your own site is something very personal that deserves more than a default theme.

We wanted something that is integrating with our own workflow and aligns with our sustainable tech stack mentality.

Jekyll fits in nicely here as it was developed by GitHub’s Co-Founder and is written in one of our favourite languages Ruby. The first release was in 2008 and it is still actively maintained today. As Jekyll renders static HTML files one does not depend on any special server technology. In fact these pure HTML files will probably be readable till the end of the Internet.

You see? Very sustainable technology.

Same goes for Tachyons. The godfather of utility css frameworks. Yes we also considered Tailwind and we like tailwind but we felt for this site Tachyons is what we wanted. Something that is basically finished, can be easily extended and doesn’t need any further tech (compiler etc.).

Stay tuned for more content as we will blog regularly here.