01 Dec 2022

On building a new mail client

I almost died under an avalanche of emails when working at corporates, startups, and as a freelancer. Fed up with the conventional options for email and on the brink of declaring “defeat” on my inbox - I decided to tackle the problem head-on. 🏴‍☠️

I’m building a new mail experience: Sunnybox. It offers a fluid workflow, leaves the heavy-lifting to AI and does content aggregation. It thinks ahead for you and defuses the mines in your inbox while ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Come as you are - Sunnybox supports @gmail.com, @me.com or @your-domain.com.

With Sunnybox, you own your data. It stays true to the IMAP standard while wrapping around and supercharging the default inbox.

I’m building this product because I want it to exist. I want something that I enjoy using and hope you might too.

I will use this blog to deliver progress updates.

You can further find more information on Sunnybox here:


Cheers Bijan