04 Jul 2023

Sunnybox is now an API-driven Messaging Hub starting with Email

When I started developing Sunnybox as an email client I soon realized that it’s quite annoying to handle emails. The IMAP protocol is quite different from what you expect modern APIs to look like.

I cracked it but thought it would be a good idea to make it easier for others to build email integrations. Out of this idea came the Sunnybox API.

It’s a REST API that allows you to send and receive emails with more analytical features, AI integration and webhooks on the way.

Sunnybox API Screenshots of Sunnybox API

Right now it is in developer-preview and you can see landingpage here: https://sunnybox.app

I gave some friends access to the API and they are already building some cool stuff with it. If you want to join the developer preview, please send me an email to hello@sunnybox.app

Cheers Bijan