08 Sep 2023

🌞 Announcing the Sunnybox Public Beta 🌞

Hello, wonderful community! After months of hard work and invaluable feedback (huge shoutout to Lars and Michael 🙏), I am thrilled to unveil the Public Beta of Sunnybox. This is your opportunity to be among the first to experience what I’ve been working on and help shape its future.

🌈 What is Sunnybox?

Sunnybox is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that I created to make your email interactions as seamless as possible. It wraps around IMAP and SMTP protocols and offers a JSON:API-compliant interface, complete with OpenAPI v3 documentation. Forget the intricacies of email protocols—jump straight into coding!

🤔 Why Do You Need Sunnybox?

Simplify Email Integration

Email communication is critical for businesses. However, there’s often a gap between the informal nature of emails and the structured data in ERP or CRM systems. That’s where Sunnybox comes in, providing a simplified pathway to integrate email data.

Accelerate Development

No need to parse emails manually, scan for attachments, or juggle MIME types. Sunnybox gives you access to structured email data with minimal effort.


With the growing role of AI in data analytics, I designed Sunnybox to make it easy to integrate email data into your AI workflows.

📝 What Does “Open Beta” Mean?

I’m launching this Public Beta because I’m extremely interested in your feedback. I want to refine and enhance the service further, and your experience could be invaluable in that process. Rest assured, the API comes with comprehensive OpenAPI v3 and JSON:API documentation.

🛣️ What’s on the Roadmap?

Here’s what I’m planning to roll out next:

  • Webhooks for real-time notifications 🛎️
  • AI triggers to make your workflows smarter 🤖
  • Third-party integrations like n8n, ChatGPT, Zapier and more 🧩
  • Auto-generated SDKs for popular programming languages 📚

💵 Pricing and Special Offers

While I’m still finalizing the pricing, here’s the deal for now:

  • Free Tier: You can connect up to two IMAP accounts for FREE during the beta.
  • Promo Code: Use the code sunnyboxbeta to explore other tiers for free for one month.
  • Early Adopters: If you join me early on this journey, special discounts will be available later on.

🙋‍♀️ How to Get Started?

  1. Head over to Sunnybox.io and sign up.
  2. Dive into the API documentation.
  3. Connect your IMAP accounts.
  4. Start coding and let the sun shine on your projects! 🌞

I can’t wait to hear your feedback, issues, or any feature requests you might have. Feel free to share them on our community forum, public issue tracker or email me directly at bijan@screenisland.com.

Let’s make email integration effortless, together! 🌬️


PS: Here are a few screenshots.

Sunnybox Start Screenshot of Sunnybox Start

Sunnybox Start Screenshot of Sunnybox Provider View

Sunnybox Start Screenshot of Sunnybox API Keys View